Added 13 payment options with integrating Gate2Shop services

by abenedik 28. January 2010 21:07

I have just finished with integration of Gate2Shop services into my Purchase page.

This brings 13 more payment options:

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Carta Si, American Express
Debit Card: Maestro, Solo, Switch, Visa Electron, Delta, Dankort, Carte Bleue

Gate2Shop logo


I must admit that I hear for some of them for the first time.

Anoter advantage of Gate2Shop is that users do not need to create an account on Gate2Shop to make the payment (this has to be done with PayPal).


Another change that I am proud of is that from a few days ago all the installers, that can be downloaded from my site, are now digitally signed - no more "Unknown publisher" warning when trying to install them Cool.


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