Major update for February WPF with many new features added

by abenedik 2. March 2006 13:25

All the projects have been updated to work on February WPF.

Reader3ds has now advanced to the 3rd version. This means it has many new features. It is now possible to import almost all information from 3ds files. So if you get a nice looking 3d object from internet or have created your own 3d model in most cases the imported model in WPF will look just as expected. Some of the new features:
- import models with complex materials (multi-sub materials)
- optimized reading speed
- read SpotLight or PointLight with all properties
- read additional properties for Cameras
- added static Read method for simple use
- added some additional properties for advanced use
- Reader3ds in now in its own assembly.

XamlExport class in MeshUtilities can now export all additional data to xaml text.

Usability of Viewer3d has also been improved. The previewing of objects from 3ds files have been greatly simplified. It still has some of the €cookies?€ of WPF like styles, transparencies, animation and triggers. In the new version I have added possibility to drag and drop 3ds files from windows explorer into Viewer3ds. In the free camera mode it is now possible to rotate the camera with your mouse by holding down the right button. And as before the whole application is available with full source code which makes it a great piece of WPF code.

I have also added additional documentation and code samples.

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Reader 3ds v2.0 available

by abenedik 26. December 2005 15:16

Reader3ds is a class that can be used to import 3d objects from 3ds files into WPF.

The current v2.0 features:
- Multiple objects
- All Positions
- All TriangleIndices
- All TextureCoordinates
- All Cameras
- All Lights (as DirectionalLigth)
- All Materials (name, ambient color, opacity and texture)
- For Texture reads Image file name, u and v offset and u and v scale
- Assign material to TriangleIndices
- Default material is used for objects that does not have any material information set.

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Published Viewer 3D and 3ds reader

by abenedik 13. November 2005 00:16

I have written an WPF application that can be used to preview 3D objects from 3ds files. It is also possible to export the objects to xaml. The application uses some of the "cookies" of WPF like styles, transpancies, animation and triggers.

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