FINALLY! So long the stone-aged web site and welcome the new web site

by abenedik 21. May 2012 09:43

I knew it from the beginning - the previous web site design was surely not looking like we are developing software for high end applications. It was more appropriate for some stone-age museum. No more - the new greatly looking web site is live!

The preparations for the new site were quite long.

First the new domain had to be acquired. Because the domain was already taken this was not an easy and cheap task. I think that I should clarify that going away from does not mean that we will abandon the WPF. No worries, we are not affected by MS marketing departments and still believe that WPF is by far the best technology to build advanced desktop applications. Anyway the previous domain was related only to WPF. This was not very convenient for our tools that can be used for Silverlight as well. The new domain is technology independent and is therefore opened for any possible future. Of course we will still support and improve the current products. What is more we are preparing a new very excited product that will be still based on WPF.

Let's continue our new web site story. After the new domain was acquired we needed a new logo. I think that logo is important - it is shown in many placed and somehow subconsciously represents the idea of the company. Having high requirements for the logo, there was no way I could create it by myself. Therefore the was used to gather many developers that created hundreds of ideas. This process was really amazing and I think that the winning logo design is also amazing.

After that we started discussing and preparing drafts for the new web site. I see now that it is surely not easy to be a designer - creating something that customer wants when the customer is not really sure what he wants. After some going back and forth I thing we created a great web site that looks nice and is functional. Some parts are still not finished - for example the Purchase page still needs some polishing.

Enjoy the new site...


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