WPF trends in Windows UI technologies

by abenedik 1. October 2014 11:16

I have just stumbled upon Google trends web site that can show how the search terms change over time.

I thought it would be very useful to check how WPF is working (is it really dead?).

The results were very interesting. Therefore I have decided to share them with:

Google trends for WPF, XAML, WinRT and WinForms


As you can see the worldwide search amount for WPF has decreased a little bit in the last 2 years, but it is still very high. Also its comparison with WinForms and WinRT shows that is used very much. Especially WinRT search volume shows that this was a big fail for Microsoft.

The differences between the countries are also interesting - the decrease of WPF usage was quite high in US, but in Germany WPF search indicates that is still used as much as in its best times.

In the previous image I have excluded Silverlight from the graph. The reason for that is that Silverlight is still getting much more search terms that WPF and would therefore worsen the clarity of the results. Let's see:

Google trends for WPF, XAML, WinRT, WinForms and Silverlight

For me this is very surprising. I was not expecting so much search volume for Silverlight. Maybe the reason for that is that users how build WPF or WinForms applications are many times searching for with .Net or c# search term, but when they search for Silverlight, they use this keyword more times because of the differences between standard .Net and Silverlight's version of .Net.


The Google trends web site is very interesting and can show many insights into what is in. Check it by yourself - the following link shows the last graph with Silverlight included: https://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=WPF%2C%20WinRT%2C%20XAML%2C%20WinForms%2C%20Silverlight&cmpt=q