Last major version of Ab2d.ReaderSvg and ZoomPanel published

by abenedik 17. December 2021 11:01

I would like to inform you that the last major version of Ab2d.ReaderSvg and ZoomPanel libraries have been published.

With this release both libraries have got special builds for .Net 5.0 and .Net 6.0. Also, both libraries are available as NuGet packages. Note that the version that is distributed through NuGet uses a different licensing mechanism than the version that is installed by the evaluation or commercial version installer. The same assembly from NuGet can be used for evaluation and commercial usage. The commercial usage can be activated by calling the SetLicense method. The code for that method can be obtained from the User Account web page.

With the support for the latest .Net versions and NuGet both libraries are updated to the latest standards. 

The Ab2d.ReaderSvg library also got some additional new features that improve reading some more complex svg files that use "use" or "marker" elements. See the changelog for more info.

Both libraries are used by many customers in many commercial products. In the last years, they have received many new features and fixes. This makes then are very mature.

The development at AB4D company is focused on 3D products. Therefore, the 2D products (including Ab2d.ReaderSvg and ZoomPanel) will get only limited support. Also, there are no major new versions planned. The future development will cover only simpler or critical issues or be based on custom development.


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