Business transfered to a new company - AB4D d.o.o.

by abenedik 6. December 2010 21:18

Today is a great day!

After almost a month of dealing with bureaucracy I am happy to announce that today I have made the final step in establishing a new company AB4D d.o.o.

Until today all the products from were developed and sold in behalf of Andrej Benedik s.p. – a legal form of a sole proprietor.

Because the business has grown, the limitations of sole proprietor legal form have become too tight. So it was time for a step forward – to establish a real company in a form of limited liability company (d.o.o.).

After registering the company, opening a new bank account, registering for Euro VAT ID, opening new accounts on PayPal and Gate2Shop, adjusting the invoices and other content on web site, today, as the final step, the production web site ( was updated. Today the company had made its first breath of air.

Thank you for all your great feedback and support. I will do my best that under the new company your satisfaction will be even bigger.

To begin with I am planning to release a new version of Reader3ds and Ab3d.PowerToys in the next week. The new libraries will make programming with 3D so easy that even your grandma could do it (without even knowing that there are heavy C++ and DirectX books).



Where did the name of the company came from?

The users of the libraries will quicky guess that it came from the names of the namespaces used in my libraries (Ab2d and Ab3d). But wait - in this case the name should be AB5D. Ah, screw math - AB4D sounds better :)


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